What is the Spotify Track URI?

The spotify Track URI is an unique identifier linked to a single track.
An example of URI is: spotify:track:3D4j1ebTMXt0u81Fvf6oJS
This is not the URL such as but we've handled this case for you so it should work on our form though.

How can I get my Spotify Track Link?

  1. Go to your Song on Spotify.
  2. Click the icon.
  3. Click Share.
  4. Select Copy Spotify URI.
  5. Paste the link in our submission input.

How is free when other services make me pay?

It's a win-win, we want to have great music on great playlists.
As long as you follow our playlist back, you keep your spot in it for up to 4 weeks. Our robot will validate your status each day.
Our team review every submited track to only accept quality music. We do not judge it, we only validate a certain level of standards such as mixing, mastering, etc.

What are your playlists?

We have a playlist for every genre. You can get the full list here:
An non-exhausive list our playlist music genres is: Trance, Progressive House, Deep House, Melodic House, Psy-Trance, Big Room, Dance, Drum & Bass, Deep Techno, Electronica, Dubstep, Electro House, Hard Dance, Nu Disco, Downtempo, Deep Tech, Tech House, Techno, Trap & Hip-Hop, Alternative, Big Band, Blues, Gospel, Classical, Country, Folk, French Pop, Hip Hop, Jazz, K-Pop, Metal, New Age, Pop, Punk, Soul R&B, Rock, World Music, Reggae, Ambient ...

Need more help?

Get in touch we our support team. We'll be glad to help.